My Vows

No, this has nothing to do with love.  This has everything to do with why I registered this domain.

My hope is that this outlet will allow me to meet new people, provide myself with new challenges, and maybe even throw a few exciting kinks in my path.  With all of that said, I never want to compromise who I am in order to make this journey.  My vows are as follows:

I promise to never make excuses for not showing up.  I want to provide quality content, but not squeeze the life out of something just to make a post happen.

I vow to never tolerate assholes.  This goes for trolls online or people in real life.  I also vow to not be an asshole, because assholes are not, nor will they ever be cool.

I promise that I won’t promote something or someone just because they ask me to.  If you see an interview, a product review, or anything else on this site, remember that it is here because I think it is worth sharing and/or discussing.  If you hate what I have to say, I more than likely want to know your thoughts.  Just do me and everyone else reading a favor and remember the no asshole rule when your dishing your opinion.

I will more than likely edit this page as time progresses, but I do feel like this was the appropriate first post.  To the future Kate (me), thank you for finally making this happen.


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