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I discover more and more often as I get older how special it is to come face to face with strong, courageous women.  I say this as someone who will in absolute honesty admit that strength and conviction is something that I only truly got to understand and become intimate with in the past 6 or 7 years.  It’s the basis of everything that I value today.

Faith in one’s belief system, taking risks, being true to your word, having the ability to look at one’s self and work to remedy those parts that you know aren’t worthy of the space in your heart and head: it all takes this tremendous amount of courage.  Call it being brave.  Call it inner strength.  Whatever you want to name it- it is my foundation in a happier, fulfilled life.

It’s a hard feat to make the decision to live a life of honesty and courage.  It means ceasing involvement in relationships with people that you know in your gut are poison to your life and spirit.  It means telling the Debbie Downer that resides in our heads that she’s out of line when she tells you that you can’t succeed or you aren’t valuable enough to deserve the absolute best of everything you want in life.  It’s an even harder challenge to follow through with.  On a daily basis I do my best to weigh out decisions when it comes to what comes out of my mouth and what I’m thinking (Am I doing this out of love and respect for myself? Where is this knee-jerk response coming from?).  It takes time, discipline, and thoughtful training.  I am a self-proclaimed lifetime work in progress, and I love my truth.

Source: Pinterest

It’s important for me to communicate how fighting the good fight for yourself can literally change everything in your life.  It has changed the way I see other people.  It has changed the way I feel about myself.  It has changed the way I love.  All of this for the better.  I want to meet more women that have the fire in their eyes that comes from a life of honesty and love for themselves.  Every woman (and man) is capable of this courage.  You are capable of this.  It doesn’t matter how lost you’ve gotten in the past, how lost you were yesterday, or the “shameful” destructive behavior you did at 10 AM this morning.

You deserve a life of honesty, courage, and everything you ever wanted with zero limitations.  If I could offer you some of my own, I promise I would.


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